Brian S.

I started my journey at Nine7 differently than most. I did not walk through the front door; I was injured. My knee, which had an ACL/MCL repair back in 1992, cartilage repairs and cleanups through the years and is now surrounded by arthritis, was severely inflamed and the only recommendation I was receiving, was to begin injections to help with spacing to alleviate the pain. Also, being 6’5” and 50 years old, my back has had its share of pain and I knew that every several years it would “go out” and I would be bed ridden for many days while it slowly calmed down. My wife and I did not like my current path so she

surprised me with 5 personal training sessions at Nine7 off of a recommendation of a good friend. I was a bit shocked and skeptical. I have been very active throughout my life but the idea of “lifting as much weight as possible” scared me and I couldn’t understand how that would help.

It didn’t take long for me to begin to understand why this was different than I thought and would work! Nine7 is a community of dedicated professionals and amazing members. I spent my first few weeks working on mobility as much as identifying ways to not just strengthen my knee but my entire body, which made me feel great. We progressed at my pace and the team didn’t just listen to me and my concerns but instilled a environment of trust in me. They walked the walk and had experience in my kinds of injuries and helped to guide me as I began to learn what was best for my body and how to still achieve my fitness goals. They did not overwhelm me with all of the information at once. As I take each step forward, more and more information is opened to me.

As I write this, I am now a full member at Nine7. I still continue with my 1:1 sessions to help me learn the mechanics of different lifts, help target weaker areas of my body, to help me progress forward to RX as many of the workouts as possible, and continue to meet my athletic potential. I also participate in classes throughout the week. The members at Nine7 are one big family and no matter how young, how strong, or how impressive some of them are, they are open and excited to include me and encourage me. Everyone supports everyone. This is so unique. There is no competition between members. Each and every one of them embraces each other’s journey. Everyone cheers a new PR and gives so much energy of support.

So, if you are thinking that CrossFit is not for you, I beg you to reconsider. Walk in the front door of Nine7 and join our family. It will be the best decision you have ever made.