Mary M.

Athletics have always been a part of who I am. When I was four years old I started swimming on a swim team and from the beginning I loved the challenge of athletics and competition. In high school I played four varsity sports soccer, basketball, swimming and track and in college I played soccer and was all-American in swimming. But after graduating college, I felt like a part of me was missing, I missed the trials of physical exertion, the spirit of teamwork and the sense of accomplishment found on the athletic field and in the pool.

In 2014 a friend invited me to try CrossFit at Nine7, I took one class and was immediately hooked. The workout that CrossFit provides is unparalleled. The combination of cardiovascular endurance, strength training and gymnastics is by far the most comprehensive fitness programming I have ever experienced.  In my lifetime of competitive sports nothing has ever challenged me the way that CrossFit does. For athletes of any age and ability CrossFit will enhance performance in any sport and provide injury prevention.  While the physical benefits of CrossFit are obvious the true essence of CrossFit Nine7 is its sense of community, friendship and camaraderie that connects the entire gym in such a positive way. An accomplishment by any member is a proud moment for the entire gym and the support and encouragement from the coaches at CrossFit Nine7 bring out the best in every athlete.