Gary L.

At 58, I decided to try something different. I walked into CrossFit nine7 (at the time CrossFit Great Neck) and it was love at first bite! As time passed, my knees started to fail me, however, this was NOT due to CrossFit but instead to my lifetime running addiction (1989 New York Marathon) water & snow skiing, high school sports, etc. Also, I’m a heavy dude weighing at 260 pounds, always have been. To add to the knee issue, in April 2014 I had a Stroke and while in the hospital a pacemaker was placed above my heart. The pacemaker has been a nightmare since. After the placement of the pacemaker, I returned to the gym, which helped but then another challenge arose,

double knee replacement surgery. Both of my knees were replaced with titanium and PVC. Dealing with space age knees and a battery powered heart required full time attention. Post surgery, I went through physical therapy to get me back on my feet. Upon completion I knew I needed more help and knew exactly where to go.  I walked back into CrossFit nine7 and I came with a plan. After advisement and guidance from the amazing coaches I was able to start participating in classes again. Workouts were scaled to best fit my abilities but I always felt included in the class.  The Coaches never backed off either, constantly pushing me and monitoring my progress.

It’s been 5 years since the stroke and I think I have fully recovered (you never know). The pacemaker is still an issue that weight loss will resolve (Said by my cardiologist and everyone else) Knee replacement surgery was 18 months ago and because of all the due diligence of the coaches & members at CrossFit Nine7. I have again started jumping rope, something I couldn’t even do before the stroke and knee replacement, and so this was BIG!  As you can see my path is a unique one to say the least, but also proof that CrossFit is for everyone. Workouts can be individualized to best fit your current abilities. Although it can take me a little longer to get this large dude moving, I am still determined to keep moving at my own pace, and always finish the workout.