Basel S.

It was around two years ago when I joined CrossFit Nine7, and since then it has truly been a life changing experience. From the first moment I walked in, I was welcomed by other members with friendly introductions and warm greetings. Quickly after, I got to meet the coaches and staff and never looked back again.

Before I joined Nine7, I had spent a little over a year doing CrossFit at a different box, so I had good foundations to begin with. A few months after I joined Nine7, I started to notice significant improvements with my mobility, endurance and strength.

Whether it’s a squat snatch, muscle up or heavy squat clean (all of which were a major challenge before), I was hitting a new PR week after week, and all of which were accomplished by simply following the daily WODs (Workout of the Day).

One of my favorite aspects about Nine7 is the variety of events and classes that it offers. There is always something going on there, whether it’s the barbell club, in-house competition, CrossFit Kids, Yoga nights, Endurance Classes, CrossFit open events or summer barbecues, I’m always looking forward to being there.

As for the CrossFit Nine7 coaching team, they get my ultimate gratitude and appreciation. Their genuine and sincere interest in making me a better athlete tops my list of reasons why CrossFit Nine7 is a special place, not to mention how impressive they are as elite athletes. I’m proud to call them coaches and friends.

CrossFit is an intense sport, but when you’re surrounded by knowledgeable coaches and supportive teammates, you get all the benefits and rewards, workouts feel easier, all while having fun along the way. This is exactly how every workout at Nine7 goes down, we work hard as a team, celebrate each other’s accomplishments and walk away with sweat, smiles and a sense of achievement

CrossFit Nine7 has been a transformational force in my life. As I write this, I’m delighted to say that I’m stronger, faster, healthier and happier than I was two years ago. Not only am I in the best shape of my life, but more importantly, the friendships that I made at Nine7 are invaluable. For me, Nine7 is much more than a gym, it’s a happy, dysfunctional and fit family.