Jen G.

To say that CrossFit Nine 7 has changed my life is a huge understatement. In February of 2013, my workout routine was just that, routine. I’d go to the gym, work on the elliptical for a bit, do some free weights hap-haphazardly and leave feeling satisfied I worked out but not PROUD of what I had just accomplished. In December of 2012, I hit a rough patch in my personal life which evidently lead me to Nine7. The head coach had invited me to stop in and try his new CrossFit gym he was opening.  It’s now nearly 6 years later and I am a completely different person. I was scared beyond words and it took me some time to build up the courage, but I finally sucked it up and showed up. I’ve learned that the most important thing as a CrossFit newcomer is to just

SHOW UP! I’ve placed my health and my nutrition as my top priority. I no longer view going to the gym for a workout as a chore, I now see working out with my CrossFit crew as a high point in my day. Nothing can boost your mood faster than an endorphin pumping workout surrounded by friendly, energetic people. Also, there’s no greater feeling than hitting a personal best while your friends cheer you on!  I’ve even competed in 3 CrossFit competitions and 2 Weightlifting competitions on my 6 year fitness journey with Nine7. I would never have thought I’d become so strong both physically and mentally, but here I am. I am eternally grateful for my Nine7 family and the encouragement of all the coaches.